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Over the last decade, global Supply Chains have witnessed significant diruptions triggered by environmental, macro-economic, and technological shifts as well as major geopolitical conflicts. As a result, Supply Chain leaders across every industry and their extended enterprise are realizing the need to be prepared for future crises and be ever-ready to realign their businesses to better serve customers in this disuptive world. To be successful in this contextual reality, supply chain professionals need to become transformational leaders who are system thinkers:

  • digitally fluent
  • able to seamlessly connect physical, digital, and human worlds
  • adept at using new generations of tools, data souces, and analytical methods geared to the challenges of the new norm and all types of supply chain: forward, reverse, and circular

Supply chain transformation can help your company achieve a competitive edge, improve your financial performance, and provide better customer service. It increases collaboration between different departments, suppliers, and partners, leading to better communication and alignment of business objectives throughout your supply chain.

The CTSC covers frameworks, strategies, processes, tools and technologies applied to managing an end-to-end supply chain transformation and leverages components of globally recognized industry standards, including the ASCM SCOR Digital Standard (DS), Enterprise Standards for Sustainability and the Digital Capabilities Model (DCM)

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Answer selected questions to assess your knowledge of CTSC Supply Chain Management topics, and find out what the questions for the official APICS exam might look like:

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  • supply chain strategy
  • operating models
  • supply chain technology
  • digital capabilities
  • transformation programs
  • effective process design
  • business intelligence
  • advanced analytics

Participants of a CTSC seminar learn to think Supply Chain Transformations. They...

  • develop and deploy supply chain transformation initiatives
  • identify risks and opportunities, and select the appropriate philosophies, frameworks, models, and approaches to effect transformation
  • apply systems thinking to develop, analyze, verify, and validate concept alternatives for transformation
  • manage change to effect a successful transformation
  • manage and align processes, capabilities and culture with strategic transformation goals
  • manage skills, roles, responsibilities, and infrastructure needed for successful supply chain transformation
  • identify tools and technologies to enable effective supply chain transformation
  • identify and implement strategies for reinforcing, replicating and sustaining improvements

If you are responsible for the following, then CTSC is right for you:

  • supporting or executing a supply chain transformation within their organization
  • developing a supply chain strategy
  • creating business requirements documents for large-scale systems implementation
  • developing and managing performance control towers, business intelligence capabilities, and supporting advanced analytics
  • supporting a supply chain network design (redesign)
  • defining and prioritizing digital capabilities or in a supply chain enabling role

An official APICS exam must be taken to qualify as Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain (CTSC).

A candidate who passes the CTSC exam will receive a personalized certificate "Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain". The candidate is also entitled to use the acronym CTSC as a title.

The CTSC seminar consists of a mix of case studies, quiz questions, interactive role play, videos, serious games, knowledge and best practice transfer via presentation. It is delivered in English and all training materials are in English as well. Exercises to repeat the content, knowledge tests and other exercises during the session and at the end of each session, ensure, that the trainer receives an immediate feedback on the knowledge transfer success. The CTSC seminar is supported by a Supply Chain Business Simulation The Blue Connection (TBC).

Duration: 4 days
Training format : Onsite
Each seminar is part of the Supply Chain Learning Days, daily 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.. In addition, an extensive additional program takes place as part of the Supply Chain Learning Days.


An advanced level of English is necessary (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Minimum Level B1)

PMI Seminar & Exam Package
Package with Onsite Class: € 5.195,- (plus 19% VAT)
The "PMI Seminar & Exam Package" includes in detail:
• Participation in an APICS seminar with PMI (onsite or virtual classroom)
• APICS training material: APICS Textbooks and APICS Participant Slidebooks
• access to the online APICS Learning System (for 1 year)
• 2 x 90 minutes online "Exam Preparation Session" in small groups
• APICS Exam Credit*
• free "Second Chance" retake exam**
• ASCM Certification Upgrade Membership (for 1 year)
• Access to the business simulation game The Blue Connection during the training
• One-time free individual participation in a The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge*** (Spring Edition or Autumn Edition) + participation in the Global Finals in November of each year (optional)


  • Volume Discount
    If several participants from one company register for our seminars or events at the same time (purchase on one invoice, payment in advance), we offer a discount. It is also possible to buy seminars/events in advance and nominate or rebook the participants later. Please contact us.

To purchase the "PMI Seminar & Exam Package" you need a free ASCM ID/Account. Please apply for this at before you fill out the booking form with us. Instructions can be found here.

If you already have a valid ASCM membership, you will receive a price reduction of €99 on the invoice amount, or €199 if you have a valid Certification Upgrade Membership. The price reduction can only be granted if you provide your ASCM ID and the same email address used with ASCM when registering with PMI and will only be shown on your subsequently sent invoice after verification by PMI.

* Please note that after purchasing or activating your APICS exam credit, the APICS exam must be taken within a certain period of time.
** Only under certain conditions.
*** Free registration for a TFC Global PRO Challenge Edition (Spring Edition or Autumn Edition) starting within one year of the end of your PMI seminar with TFC.