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TFC Global PRO Challenge

Every year, numerous professionals from companies in all industries take part in SCM training courses in which the web-based business simulation game The Fresh Connection (TFC) is used.

Teams or individuals who want to go for the extra mile and benchmark their Value Chain Management skills against the best in the world can join the yearly The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge. Here, teams from across the globe compete against each other. Only the best make it to the Global Final, where teams from all over the world compete for the Global PRO Challenge World Trophy as well as an exposure trip in the Netherlands!

Each edition of the challenge has a focus theme that moves supply chain professionals from all industries. Some themes from recent years are: Constrained Capacity, Carbon Footprint, Strategic and Functional Alignment (S&OP), Supply Chain Resilience and more!

The primary goal of the challenge is to achieve the highest return on investment. However, the initial situation is anything but good, because The Fresh Connection, a manufacturer of fruit juices, has been suffering from its miserable supply chain performance for a long time and is struggling to survive with negative numbers.

As Vice President Sales, Operations, Purchasing and Supply Chain, participants work in teams of four and make decisions to get their supply chains resilient to numerous internal and external influences.

The TFC Global PRO Challenge is a completely digital event.

In three rounds each in spring and autumn, the teams of four will first compete in country pools, where they will be confronted with increasing complexity in a dynamic environment. Those who still manage to make the processes of The Fresh Connection sustainable and help the company's return on investment to continuously grow, qualify for the Global Final in November. Here, the best teams in the world come together for further rounds with again new elements. The team that wins the Global Final receives the Global PRO Challenge World Trophy as well as an exposure trip in the Netherlands.

In detail, the schedule is as follows:

  • 60 min kick-off webinar with PMI trainer for all participants
  • 3 rounds of one week each (Monday to Monday)
  • 60 min debriefing webinar with PMI trainer for the individual team

During each round/week, the participants meet with their team members for a virtual meeting or phone call to make the weekly decisions and enter them into TFC. The teams themselves determine the time and the webinar tool for this. The recommended time commitment is approx. 1.5-2 hours per round/week. The results are calculated on Sunday night and are then available on Monday morning together with new tasks.

Participation is open to everyone

  • with an interest in value chain management
  • in supply chain functions
  • in activities that are adjacent to supply chain functions

Participants can work at various levels in the company, from management to operational level.

The TFC Global PRO Challenge is training and competition in one!

Participation promotes both knowledge and decision-making skills as well as personal soft skills for designing and working in teams.

TFC Global PRO Challenge participant

  • experience the importance of true alignment and that it is measurable
  • increase their cross-functional knowledge and awareness
  • develop and strengthen decision-making skills
  • learn how to effectively address trade-offs
  • gain knowledge of how to implement strategies and value creation processes in dynamic business environments
  • learn to question decisions and existing assumptions
  • learn that teamwork is the key to success!
  • expand their international network
  • achieve recognition from the other teams
  • all have a chance to win

During the challenge, teams can choose from different languages, including German or English. The choice of language is for the entire team.

Team registration: € 1.000.- plus VAT (per Team)
Individual registration*: € 250.- plus VAT
including 1 kick-off webinar, feedback after each qualifying round, TFC licenses.

*Participants who register as individual form a "mixed" team together with other individual participants.