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Serious Games

Competence management is used in a wide variety of areas: for career planning, for the development, assessment and remuneration of employees or for filling vacant positions and thus not least to secure the existence of a company. The difficulty: Competencies can only be recognized and developed through active and reflective “doing”. Traditional educational and evaluation approaches in particular have major weaknesses here, because their rigid structures do not allow the participants to actively participate. Companies have therefore so far been at great risk when competencies are to be acquired or evaluated within their business operations.

Against this background, (digital) serious games are becoming more and more important. Thanks to the state of the art, which has now been achieved, it is possible to depict operational reality with the help of virtual learning scenarios so realistically that tasks and challenges of the entrepreneurial activity can be authentically understood.

We use various serious games in our training courses, depending on the focus and objective of the training measure. The Fresh Connection (Supply Chain Management), The Blue Connection (Circular Economy) and The Cool Connection (Supply Chain Finance) are serious games that offer us the greatest range of content and learning effects.