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Most supply chains are suffering from excessive inventories, capacity under- or over-utilization and struggle to meet promised service levels. The reason for this is the reliance on demand forecasts that cause inventory levels to be unbalanced and planners to spend much of their time changing and adjusting schedules to avoid backorders. This fire-fighting causes ineffective capacity management, long lead-times, high inventories and instable operations.

Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is a method to model, plan and manage supply chains to protect and promote the flow of relevant information and materials. DDMRP uses strategic decoupling points to drive supply order generation and management throughout a supply chain. DDMRP ensures that companies make what can and will be sold, in contrast to the traditional push and promote process that drives what can and will be made. The Demand Driven Leader (DDL)™ program shows how to design, implement and sustain a Demand Driven Operating Model including parameter settings through Demand Driven S&OP (DDS&OP).

The Demand Driven Leader program is comprised of 7 modules of in-depth Demand Driven education:

  • Module 1: Today’s Organizational Challenges
  • Module 2: Conventional Challenges to Flow
  • Module 3: A New Management Model Emerges
  • Module 4: The Demand Driven Operating Model
  • Module 5: Flow-Based Metrics
  • Module 6: Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning (DDS&OP)
  • Module 7: The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model Development Path

Participants to the DDL™ seminar learn the principles of Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) and a demand driven adaptive enterprise (DDAE). The program explains the 4 main principles of a DDAE, thus the participants learn how to determine relevant ranges, implement a flow-based operating model and flow-based metrics and the tactical reconciliation (bi-directional) between relevant ranges. The program also covers the demand driven operation model and demand driven sales and operations planning (DDS&OP). Participants learn the necessary common DDMRP terminology and definitions in order to speak the same language.

This seminar will help you to:

  • Deal with an unpredictable market where demand is dynamic and creating a planning and execution environment (Demand Driven operation Model) that manufacturing can successfully follow while lowering your internal costs.
  • Create a lead time advantage over your competitors by understanding the key elements of reducing lead time.
  • Leverage inventory in ways not understood prior which go beyond just simply placing stocks everywhere.
  • Implement an integrated business planning (IBP) process following the DDMRP methodology.

The Demand Driven Leader (DDL)™ program equips senior and mid-level operations and supply chain managers with the ability to design, implement and sustain a Demand Driven Operating Model including parameter settings through Demand Driven S&OP (DDS&OP). The program is interesting for the following occupational groups: Continuous improvement specialists, supply chain process owner, supply chain managers, and consultants.

The Demand Driven Leader (DDL)™ Program is official preparatory education for the Demand Driven Leader Professional (DDLP)™. The Demand Driven Leader Professional (DDLP)™ is a professional endorsement certification offered by the Demand Driven Institute, the global authority for Demand Driven education, training, certification and compliance.

The DDLP™ demonstrates that an individual can apply the concepts of the Demand Driven Operating Model, analyze and evaluate an environment according to the principles of the Demand Driven Operating Model and the tactical components of Demand Driven S&OP. For more information on the DDLP endorsement certification process visit the Demand Driven Planner Professional (DDPP)™ page.


The DDL seminar is a mix of case studies, quiz questions, knowledge and best practice transfer via presentation. Exercises to repeat the content, knowledge tests and other exercises during the session and at the end of each session, ensure, that the trainer receives an immediate feedback on the knowledge transfer success.

Duration: 2 days (training only), 3 days training with DDMRP Simulation

Onsite: each day from 08.30 – 17.30, the last day from 8.30 – 17.00.
Virtual Classroom: each day from 09.00 – 17.00.


An advanced level of English is necessary (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Minimum Level B1)

Onsite € 1.590,- (plus VAT),
Onsite with DDMRP Simulation € 2.090,- (plus VAT).
Virtual Classroom€ 1.490,- (plus VAT),
Virtual Classroom with DDMRP Simulation € 1.940,- (plus VAT).
Including 2 or 3 training days, DDI training material, refreshments and lunch at the seminar location (onsite seminar).

In addition, we offer you attractive bulk discounts already from the 2nd participant.