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Company Services

In addition to our public course offering, we work closely together with you on your individual training programs. The range of services we provide to meet our customers' specific requirements extends from education consulting to establishment of supply chain academies.

Starting with a training needs analysis, we review roles and competencies, provide our supply chain competence assessment and derive your company or department training requirements. Based on these results we start the process of training development and implementation, supported by proven modules for knowledge transfer and application, such as visualization of training targets, knowledge transfer and reflection, embedded coaching, networking and best practice sharing. To guarantee the worldwide success of your education initiative we rely on our global trainer and training partner network and our eLearning modules. Combining these services can lead to the development of a company individual supply chain academy. We will take care of all relevant steps from training needs determination, training material development, trainer qualification, training scheduling and deployment, and performance control.

PMI supports your supply chain training initiative by checking existing roles and required competencies. After this initial review, we subsequently focus on assessing the current supply chain competence of your employees. As a result of this review, the employee specific trainings needs are identified and form the base for planning appropriate trainings.

As competence is much more then theoretical know-how, PMI has developed a supply chain competence assessment which analyzes the knowledge and application capability of your employees to drive and support a highly professional supply chain. Checking awareness of modern supply chain principles as well as the proper application of this knowledge in typical scenarios, PMI supports you in identifying your true, role and employee specific training needs. Companies that are already conducting supply chain training, value the competence assessment as a lever to identify additional training needs or to calibrate their training offer to the organizational needs.

Whether you are hiring new supply chain staff or investing in the professional education of your people, our supply chain competence assessment is the right support for human resources and functions to work with PMI on an efficient and effective employee qualification concept and training plan.

If your company is generally interested or you have already decided to offer Supply Chain or Lean related training to your organization, the PMI experts will support you in identifying the right training and target group for starting to build the desired level of competence. Different formats and durations of trainings will be discussed to understand which of the PMI products will serve you best.

As teamwork is essential for successful companies our real time Supply Chain Serious Games motivate the participants to explore true cross-functional teamwork and decision making. Integrating exams and tests in the educational journey of the employees will ensure training success and will provide pride and company recognition of achievement to the participants.

As a training partner who wants to make a difference in the quality of training, PMI puts a special focus on the participant´s transfer of the obtained knowledge to their business. Working with business related case studies or participating and experiencing our real time business simulation your employees will be inspired to reflect the content of the training on their current supply chain processes and their contribution to it as a person and as a team. Working on assignments in changing teams within training, building a network by discussing critical and relevant topics with other participants or driving real optimization projects, our training approach is providing an integrated concept of learning and application which is customized to your best usage and situation. Using a visual approach to explain the current and desired performance or state of your Supply and Value Chain, we support you in motivating employees of the supply chain and other functions to engage in elevating the supply chain performance of your company.

Market leaders and international operating companies value an educational approach which integrates a standardized international training program yet delivered in the local language. Most of our programs are available in English, but having standardized supply chain trainings and a large network of certified trainers worldwide, PMI is able to provide state-of-the-art training content in different languages by native speaker trainers.

Offering additional or complementary eLearning solutions PMI is able to serve companies with cost effective educational solutions that equally support individual and asynchronous learning. The customization and design of company specific eLearning solutions is an excellent possibility to integrate supply chain knowledge with cultural messages specific for your company.

PMI supports your business in implementing a systematic process of building the supply chain- and lean- competence of your people. An academy resembles an integrated approach to understand training needs and to plan, organize and conduct trainings with a regular evaluation of training success. By connecting qualification with the career path of employees, additionally an academy serves as a strategic element to build your people.

If you desire to build your own supply chain academy, PMI can support you in setting up all academy related processes, standards and elements. During the building of your academy PMI will support you in understanding what set up is the best for you. In finding practical solutions for your current and desired training situations, we are partners in your supply chain academy definition and implementation process. If you would like to use our expertise to support you in facilitating your academy, we can support you in all organizational or content related matters that serve you best.