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Our Goals

We would like to optimally prepare any of our clients for its certification.

In addition to our public courses we also offer inhouse solutions. Depending on your needs this could take the form of consulting or teaching but we are also an experienced partner in establishing Supply Chain Management Academies. Most important is to identify your needs. Perhaps you know them already? Our professional staff can analyze your requirements, evaluate your level of education and help establish a concrete approach to your individual situation. Here we use our Consultative Education concept.

Our goal is to offer individual solutions. To reach our goals we focus on our guidelines and our quality reqiurements.

Our Guidelines

Success through experience and enthusiasm.

  • We listen to your needs, advise you professionally and provide a reliable and trustworthy customer service.
  • The high quality and cutting edge nature of our education programs makes us the most suitable partner for you and your career.
  • The talents of our organizations team and the diverse backgrounds offered by our course instructors are encouraged and used to your advantage.
  • Collaboration with our clients is clearly marked by fairness, openness and enthusiasm.

Our Quality Requirements

For us quality is an essential requirement. Our education is based on solid and fully proven material. But how do we control quality?

Feedback forms

After every seminar we receive feedback from our participants. We analyze reference context, teaching approach and the service level of our organization. To date our seminars’ evaluation has been - good to very good.


Surveys are carried out on a regular basis. For us it is important to know the expectations and requirements of our customers. This enables us to learn and develop our programs.


We are very proud that our pass quotas are above the international average.


As a part of inhouse seminars we analyze current educational requirements. During the seminars the instructors focus on the defined educational goals and establish continuous improvement projects within the company. We provide intensive support at every level of our cooperation.