Certification Process

The program is built on a step-by-step approach. This means that a candidate has to start at the Green Belt level and can built his way up to the Champion certificate. It is not obliged to go all the way to the champion level. After passing the specific exams for a level, you receive a separate certificate.

PMI Production Management Institute is licensed by IIBLC® to administer the IIBLC® CGBL®, CBBL® and CChL® certification exams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Available test centers are Munich, Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria), and Zurich (Switzerland).

IIBLC® provides their exams in several countries in Europe; you can find here an overview of the Testing Locations in other countries.If you want to be kept up to date about future exam info, please contact us.

1. Theoretical part

  • Concerned levels: Green Belt, Black Belt and Champion in Lean
  • Format: paper & pencil exam consisting of multiple choice questions (randomly chosen questions which have been drawn up by the content committee). Every exam takes place in the afternoon from 1pm – 4pm. The candidates have 3 hours to complete the exams.
  • Passing rate: a score of 70% is required to pass the test

2. Practical part

  • Concerned levels: Black Belt and Champion in Lean
  • Format: a written report of a practical application will display competency in hands-on environment. This report must be sent directly to IIBLC® within 1 year after taking the successful theoretical test. This report has to be signed off by the management of the company the application was performed in. With the same signature the management allows the board of IIBLC® to do an audit if it wants to do so. The report will be evaluated by one or more members of the IIBLC® Content Committee who will not be a fellow-citizen.
  • Passing rate: a score of 65% is required to pass. If you pass, you receive the 'certificate', if you fail, you receive a 'comment sheet'.

The Book of Knowledge contains more detailed information about the theoretical and practical part of the exam. If you are interested in taking the IIBLC® exams, this item is a must-have. It can be ordered from PMI. Please contact us.