You would like to experience “The Fresh Connection” live?
Different public events offer you the opportunity to take control as “Person Responsible” for Purchasing, Operations, Sales and Supply Chain Management:

September 30, 2014:
BME-Forum Reorganisation Sales & Operations Planning

Starting January 01, 2015:
The Fresh Connection Global Professional Challenge

February 23-24, 2015:
Workshop "Sales & Operations Planning"

April 16, 2015:
BVL "Tag der Logistik"

June 29-30, 2015:
Workshop "Sales & Operations Planning"

Experience Supply Chain Management

For almost every business, a good Supply Chain Management is a key function. But why? Isn´t it sufficient, when every department individually achieves a maximal result?

With "The Fresh Connection" you will be able to find lasting answers to these and many other Supply Chain Management issues, by making strategic and tactic decisions within a Supply Chain yourself. Learning by doing and comprehending the effects are the heart of this web based business simulation for educational purposes.

Starting Situation

The fruit juice company "The Fresh Connection" has got into trouble, despite its convincing products. There seems to be many week points within the Supply Chain that the daily tasks become increasingly harder to manage. Unpredictable challenges pose big risks. Now, a new management team is expected to help in the crisis and turn it around.

You, together with three colleagues, representing the roles purchasing, production, sales and supply chain have the exciting and demanding task to lead "The Fresh Connection" out of the red and to a positive ROI. Make the best tactical and strategic decisions for the company and experience that you not only need profound expert knowledge but also, a strong team!

Target Group

You! An understanding of the single steps in the Supply Chain management as a basis for the comprehensive process is interesting and relevant for all areas and every responsibility level within an enterprise:
• Purchasing
• Sales
• Operations
• HR
• Finance (of further interest, also: Business Simulation Supply Chain Finance)


TFC enables you to focus on topics:
• Internal Collaboration and Integration
• Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
• Supply Chain Strategy
• Supply Chain Risk Management
• Interface management
• Management of Global and Local Supply Chains
• Sustainability
• Supply Chain Finances
• Supplier Development
• Lean Production
• Production layout
• Capacity Management
• Demand Management


We offer TFC in 1- and 2-day-training in combination or in addition to our education concepts. Please contact us via E-Mail if you have any further questions.

APICS CSCP Course focuses mainly on the strategic coherences of the Supply Chain. Especially here the SCM simulation game plays a major role, allowing theory and practice to come together. For this reason “The Fresh Connection” is a permanent part of our public CSCP courses.

Moreover, we offer public Sales & Operations Planning workshops. The workshop focus is not the theory behind an S&OP project. We would like to provide you with the opportunity to actively develop, and efficiently implement or improve an S&OP process and to determine what the benefits are to your organization.


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