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Founded in 2001, Factory Physics Inc. is a management consulting company that provides a scientific framework, software support tools, and training to optimize performance of manufacturing supply chains.

Since 1986, researchers at Northwestern University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan have been developing a new paradigm that provides a comprehensive, scientific framework to control and optimize the fundamental operations of any manufacturing and supply chain system. The result is the Factory Physics framework that provides a practical set of solutions for manufacturing and supply chain managers and executives.

Factory Physics can help to improve customer service, increase cash flow, optimize inventory, reduce cost, and ease management control of manufacturing and supply chain operations. It is not a lean or six sigma consulting company. The practical, comprehensive approach is different because it defines the operations’ science anyone can use it right now to establish better control and improve performance; the Factory Physics approach makes manufacturing and supply chain control easier. The science is based on the award-winning book Factory Physics® and more recently on McGraw Hill’s lead business title Factory Physics® for Managers.

Factory Physics Inc. offers the following certifications:

  • Certified in Factory Physics® Fundamentals
  • Certified Factory Physicist®
  • Master Factory Physicist®

Factory Physics is ideal for those professionals and organizations that want to implement and

practice high-level manufacturing and supply chain operations. This program is an excellent place for professionals such as Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations Executives, Planning and Production Control Managers and anyone trying to improve performance of their company's operation.

Learn more about the benefits in the 2-day training Factory Physics®.