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Serious Games

Competence management is utilized in various areas: career management, development, evaluation, remuneration of employees, and is also used for filling vacant positions. Thus competence management is a major foundation for insuring the continuation and healthy existence of a company. Today, the difficulty in competence management still remains for organizations. How to solidify the learning effect? We believe to recognize and to truly develop the competency of your organization that it is primarily done interactively in an applied process where "doing" is just as important as the theory. When evaluating traditional educational approaches it is clear that they have substantial weaknesses, as they don’t allow through their rigid structures active participation of the learner. Companies then are faced with a significant risk in development of their organization in skills if they are utilizing these traditional methods. Raising the question, will the learner absorb what has been taught with these traditional methods and then be able to apply it immediately?

The ability to utilize (interactive) serious games is considered best practice in learning environments. This state of the art learning technique makes it possible, to submerse the participants in a virtual environment that reflects the operational reality of real life. With the support of this virtual learning environment it becomes possible to see what we call the “authenticity of entrepreneurship”.

We use in our Professional Development Programs hyper realistic serious games, which are dependent on the content and objectives of the course. The Fresh Connection and The Cool Connection are just two of the simulations that offer us the widest range of content and learning effects.