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Supply Chain Essentials

Many companies lack a common supply chain management vocabulary and understanding for processes, responsibilities and tools. This leads to friction losses caused by misunderstandings and excessive explanations. Many employees are not aware of the required reconciliation and planning processes in a company and his role in the information flow. Not only theoretical background knowledge is lacking, but also the universal understanding of processes and dependencies in the own company.

This seminar is the fundamental introduction into Supply Chain Management. This seminar explains Supply Chain terminology and basic concepts related to managing the complete flow of materials from suppliers to customers. The entire flow of material, information and cash in a supply chain from supplier to end consumer is explained. All value chain processes and production basics are discussed - from long-range up to short-term planning and execution.

This PMI developed course is compliant with APICS terminology and concepts of the certification programs. The seminar and training material is in German; the English APICS terms are referred to and summarized in a German-English vocabulary list.

This basics seminar covers the following topics:

  • Supply Chain Management and Trade-Offs
  • Demand Management and Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Planning & Execution Processes: S&OP, Master Scheduling, MRP, production execution and control
  • Inventory Management: Inventory costs, working capital, days of supply, ordering system, lead times, safety stocks
  • Purchasing
  • Distribution & Transport

Participants receive answers to the following questions:

  • How can we lower inventory through better demand planning and forecasting?
  • How can we lower inventory through better supply chain planning?
  • How are decisions about planning data, lot sizes, and inventory levels impacting material requirements planning (MRP)?
  • How is capacity measured and determined? How are decisions about capacity planning data impacting the company?
  • Which methods and tools provide the best support in production planning and control?
  • How do strategic inventory decisions impact operational decisions? Which influence do inventory carrying costs have over the selection of transportation modes, production and inventory strategies? Which KPIs simplify and support decisions in inventory management?
  • What is the optimal lot size and order quantity? When is the best order point? Which inventory classification is supporting the company’s strategy best?
  • How are decisions about the distribution network impacting inventory, service level and flexibility of the company?
  • Which strategy and procedures are support the pursued service level and the desired production and supply chain flexibility?

Employees in supply chain functions, who would like to understand, learn, and use standard supply chain terminology and best practices in their supply chain processes.

The seminar can be completed with a knowledge test developed by PMI (optional and with extra charge). Participants who successfully pass the web-based test receive a PMI certificate as proof of the acquired knowledge (Please note: no APICS Certificate).

The seminar is a mix of case studies, quiz questions, knowledge and best practice transfer via presentation. Exercises to repeat the content, knowledge tests and other exercises during the session and at the end of each session, ensure, that the trainer receives an immediate feedback on the knowledge transfer success. The Supply Chain Essentials seminar is supported by a Supply Chain experimental game called The Fresh Connection (TFC).

Duration: 3 days

Onsite: each day from 08.30 – 17.30, the last day from 8.30 – 17.00.
Virtual Classroom: each day from 09.00 – 17.00.

Public seminars: German

Inhouse seminars: German and English

Onsite € 1.769,- (plus VAT),
Virtual Classroom € 1.619,- (plus VAT).
Including 3 training days, Supply Chain Essentials training material, refreshments and lunch at the seminar location (onsite seminar).

Volume Discount
If several participants from one company register for our seminars or events at the same time (purchase on one invoice, payment in advance), we offer a discount. It is also possible to buy seminars/events in advance and nominate or rebook the participants later. Please contact us.