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APICS Certified Supply Chain Professionals (CSCP)

Body of knowledge, best practices, know-how and standards to align the end-to-end Supply Chain.

In today’s global, volatile and competitive environment with demanding customers and shorter product life cycles, many companies have focused on their core competencies and outsourced any activities which are considered non-core. This has created a chain or network with different entities performing activities in which they can best make products and services available to customers. Those entities and activities need to be aligned and to work together towards the same goals in order to make products and services available to selected markets and customer groups at the required customer service level, quality, availability and cost.

Next seminar date:
Session 1: May 13, 2019 - May 15, 2019 in Berlin und
Session 2: June 24, 2019 - June 26, 2019 in Munich

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