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Supply Chain Essentials

This seminar is the fundamental introduction into Supply Chain Management and explains Supply Chain terminology and basic concepts related to managing the complete flow of materials from suppliers to customers.

Many companies lack a common supply chain management vocabulary and understanding for processes, responsibilities and tools. This leads to friction losses caused by misunderstandings and excessive explanations. Many employees are not aware of the required reconciliation and planning processes in a company and his role in the information flow. Not only theoretical background knowledge is lacking, but also the universal understanding of processes and dependencies in the own company.

This PMI developed course is compliant with APICS terminology and concepts of the certification programs. The seminar and training material is in German; the English APICS terms are referred to and summarized in a German-English vocabulary list.

Next seminar Date: March 18, 2019 - March 20, 2019 in Munich

Seminar Details