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  • Are you looking for Industry standards and best practices for Supply Chain processes?
  • Do you want to obtain an internationally recognized Supply Chain certification?
  • Do you want to speak a common language within your organization and throughout your Supply Chain?
  • Do you want to create Supply Chain Awareness throughout the organization?
  • Do you want to train various functional departments how to create cross-functional collaboration?
  • Do you want to train yourself or your teams how to determine order quantities and safety stocks?
  • Are you looking for a methodology to understand the behavior of your organization and supply chain as a system?
  • Or are you looking for new innovative supply chain planning techniques?

To fulfill all your needs for Supply Chain Education, Training and Certification and to transform your organization towards Supply Chain Excellence, PMI has built an extensive portfolio of Supply Chain and Operations Management Education and Certification programs and Logistics & SCM events.

These programs are designed for both individual participants as well as for various levels within the organization, from executive management to the operational level. They include both public trainings as well as incompany trainings and are designed for participants who are working directly in Supply Chain functions as well as for participants who are working in supply chain related areas, such as purchasing, production, operations, customer service and sales.

The foundation of our education programs are globally recognized standards, best practices and certification programs offered by international education and certification associations such as ASCM / APICS or the Demand Driven Institute (DDI).

Our Supply Chain Education programs are designed to be sustainable as application of Supply Chain theory. Our trainings are a mixture of theory and action-based-learning concepts such as business simulations, exercises and business cases.

Find out more about our Supply Chain Education and Certification programs, the Young Professionals Day and The Fresh Connection Global PRO Challenge.