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APICS Exams and Certifications

APICS certifications are worldwide recognized as standards of professional excellence and quality within the manufacturing and service industries. Each certification enables you to gain the technical and functional know-how, plus the confidence, to enhance your job performance and your strategic advantage.

Join the more than 107,000 professionals who have earned the prestigious CPIM designation, the more than 21,000 Certified Supply Chain Professionals or the more than 1,000 CLTD professionals (since the program launch in 2016) who have mastered essential knowledge and concepts to streamline logistics operations.

We offer the following APICS certifications:

  • CPIM – Certified in Production and Inventory Management
  • CSCP – Certified Supply Chain Professional
  • CLTD – Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution

After successful completion of each exam you will receive an electronic certificate from APICS which can be printed out.

For each certification detailed information can be found about the exam contents in the appropriate Exam Content Manual, which is part of the learning systems and can be downloaded for free from the APICS homepage for APICS members. Two exams must be completed within 3 years to obtain the CPIM certification (CPIM Part 1 and CPIM Part 2). The APICS certifications have to be maintained every 5 years. Detailed information.

The CPIM Part 1, CPIM Part 2, CSCP and CLTD exams consist of 150 multiple-choice questions each (130 operational and 20 pretest). Pretest questions do not contribute to the total score but are necessary for research purposes. Pretest questions are randomly distributed among the scored items and are used for statistical purposes only, candidates should answer all exam questions. Candidates have three and a half (3.5) hours to complete an exam.

APICS uses a scaled score methodology, which is a technique for equating scores in which the degree of difficulty varies from one exam form to the next. This ensures equivalent passing standards are maintained for each exam form. Candidates can download “Understanding a Scaled Score”.

The scaled score range is 200-350:

  • Fail = 200-299
  • Pass= 300-350

At the end of the exam, candidates will receive a printed score report with pass/fail information.

There are no fixed exam dates for APICS Exams. You may choose the test venue and date which is most suitable for you.

APICS exams are delivered via computer-based testing (CBT) at Pearson VUE test centers. Test centers are located worldwide. View testing venues.

APICS "Plus-Member" Rate 500 € plus VAT 500 € plus VAT 975 € plus VAT 475 € plus VAT
APICS "Core-Member" and Non-member Rate 650 € plus VAT 650 € plus VAT 1200 € plus VAT 600 € plus VAT
Re-takes 250 € plus VAT 250 € plus VAT 450 € plus VAT 250 € plus VAT

* Prices valid for 2018. Subject to change.

CSCP and CLTD credentials have prerequisites and require an eligibility application. The eligibility criteria and application form can be found at APICS.

After successful application you may register for the exam. There are no eligibility requirements for earning the CPIM designation. For exam preparation PMI offers public trainings supported by an official Trainer. All APICS modules and programs are offered several times a year. Current dates can be found in our calendar.

Inhouse courses
Are there several colleagues or employees in your company striving for an exam? If so, an inhouse training can be booked for your company. The advantages: in addition to more favorable conditions per participant, the trainer can integrate or focus on specific issues which are relevant for your company. Please contact us for further information as well as an individual offer.

Please register using our registration form:

For registration you need a valid APICS ID.

APICS will resend your ID information.

PLEASE NOTE: You must register with the same email-address at APICS and at PMI.

When this information is received, there are 2 options to register and make payment for the APCIS exam:

  1. Purchase of an exam voucher from PMI
    An exam voucher in combination with an APICS seminar can be purchased from PMI. The voucher is valid for 24 months from invoice date. Using this voucher you may register at any time with PMI for an APICS exam (after receipt of payment). PMI will redeem the exam voucher and an exam credit will be issued.
  2. Purchase of an exam credit and direct registration for a specific exam
    In this case PMI will issue an invoice and purchase an exam credit after payment.

The exam credit is valid for 6 months. With the exam credit notification further instructions on how to obtain your Authorization to Test (ATT) will be forwarded and the exam can then be scheduled with Pearson VUE. A scheduled exam can be rescheduled or cancelled. Conditions for rescheduling or cancelling can be found at

PLEASE NOTE: Once your exam credit has been purchased it is valid for 6 months. Within this 6 month period, an Authorization to Test (ATT) must be purchased with this credit. This ATT is valid for an additional 6 months. With the ATT, an exam date and testing center can be booked.

Download information about exam registration