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IIBLC Lean Exams and Certifications

IIBLC® certifications are recognized worldwide as standards of professional excellence and quality within the manufacturing and service industries. Certification enables you to gain the technical and functional know-how, plus the confidence, to enhance your job performance and your strategic advantage.

In 2013 IIBLC® has accredited PMI Production Management Institute GmbH as their official Lean Certification partner for Germany and Austria.

We offer the following IIBLC® certification:

  • CGBL® Certified Green Belt in Lean
  • CBBL® - Black Belt in Lean (theoretical part)
  • CChL® - Champion in Lean (theoretical part)

The Lean Certification Program consists in total of three certification levels: Candidates start with the Green Belt level and pass through the Black Belt level to finalize their achievement with the Champion level. After passing the relevant exam level, you will receive a separate certificate.

  1. CGBL® Certified Green Belt in Lean
    • Content: Basic lean concepts and techniques
    • Test format: Only a written test has to be taken
    • Objective: Become a successful member of an improvement team
    • Target Audience: First line supervisors
  2. CBBL® Certified Black Belt in Lean
    • Content: Advanced lean tools & techniques and human skills
    • Test format: Written test & a practical case study
    • Objective: Become the leader of an improvement team
    • Target Audience: Middle management
  3. CChL® Certified Champion in Lean
    • Content: Strategic issues and managing change & improvement
    • Test format: Written test & a practical case study Exam
    • Objective: Become a "Lean Manager" on corporate or group level
    • Target Audience: Higher management

Format, duration and score

  1. Theoretical part Concerned levels
    • Green Belt, Black Belt and Champion in Lean
    • Format: paper & pencil exam consisting of multiple choice questions (randomly chosen questions which have been drawn up by the content committee).
    • Every exam takes place in the afternoon from 1pm – 4pm. The candidates have 3 hours to complete the exams.
    • Passing rate: a score of 70% is required to pass the exam
  2. Practical part Concerned levels
    • Black Belt and Champion in Lean
    • Format: a written report of a practical application will display competency in hands-on environment. This report must be sent directly to IIBLC® within 1 year after taking and being successful in the theoretical test. This report has to be signed off by the management of the company the application was performed in. With the same signature the management allows the board of IIBLC® to do an audit if it chooses to do so. The report will be evaluated by one or more members of the IIBLC® Content Committee who will not be a fellow-citizen.
    • Passing rate: a score of 65% is required to pass.

If you are successful, you will receive the 'certificate', if you are unsuccessful, you will receive a 'comment sheet'. The Book of Knowledge contains more detailed information about the theoretical and practical part of the exam. If you are interested in taking the IIBLC® exams, this item is a must-have. It can be ordered from PMI. Please send an e-mail.

Each calendar year, there are several dates offered for the theory exams. Please find below the dates for the various exams:

September 18, 2021 x x  
December 18, 2021 x x x
March 19, 2022 x x  
June 18, 2022 x x x
September 17, 2022 x x  
December 17, 2022 x x x

PMI Production Management Institute administers the exams for Germany and Austria. The test center is Munich (Germany). IIBLC® also provides exams in several countries in Europe. You can find an overview of the Testing Locations in other countries here:

If you want to be kept up to date about future exam information, please contact us.

CGBL® - Green Belt in Lean 350 € plus VAT*
CBBL® - Black Belt in Lean 400 € plus VAT*
CChL® - Champion in Lean 450 € plus VAT*

* Prices valid for 2021. Subject to change.

The program is built on a step-by-step approach. This means that a candidate has to start at the Green Belt level and can built his way up to the Champion certificate.

A candidate is not obliged to go all the way to the champion level. The members of the IIBLC® Content Committee have composed one single reference guide which is referred to as 'Book of Knowledge'. This Committee will continuously adapt and update this book in order to keep track of recent evolutions and trends in the field of Lean. The Book of Knowledge mentions the curriculum outline and all reference books that encompass this content. This book is an indispensable item during your preparation and can be purchased from PMI. Please contact us!

We organize the IIBLC® theory exams and coordinate the exam registration process for candidates who want to take their exams in Germany and Austria. Please make sure you register before the registration deadline, which is mentioned in the table above.

When you register for the Green Belt in Lean exam, please carefully check your name and date of birth. Your unique IIBLC® ID number will be created and is based on this information. If you already have an IIBLC® ID number, please mention it in all future registrations to ensure that all your exam results are linked to this unique number! Please register via our website, fill out the registration form and send it to PMI per e-mail or fax as indicated on the form. You will then receive an invoice per e-mail for payment. All forms received before the deadline will be automatically processed. After this deadline it is not possible to register for that specific exam date. By registering, you agree to pay the invoice for the registration immediately upon receipt. No registration is considered complete until full payment of the fee has been received. PMI Production Management Institute cannot be held responsible for cancellation charges resulting from incorrect registrations.

Once you have registered and paid your exam fee in full, PMI Production Management Institute will provide you with a confirmation notice two weeks prior to the scheduled exam date. You cannot take your IIBLC® exam without this official confirmation. Each confirmation lists the candidate's name, address, and IIBLC® ID number, a route description, exam to be taken and the exam schedule. If you have not received your confirmation one week prior to the scheduled exam date, please contact us immediately. A scheduled exam can be rescheduled or cancelled. You will find the conditions on the exam registration form.