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Demand Driven Exams and Certifications

The Demand Driven Institute is the global authority for Demand Driven education, training, certification and compliance. As the leading authority on Demand Driven methods, the Demand Driven Institute offers a comprehensive series of professional endorsement certificates. These endorsement certificates are the gold standard in ensuring and identifying an individual’s understanding, ability to apply, analyze, evaluate and create value using Demand Driven methods.

The Demand Driven Institute offers the following professional endorsement certifications:

  • AEF™ – Adaptive Enterprise Foundation
    demonstrates that an individual understands the conceptual differences between conventional supply chain approaches dominated by MPS, MRP and DRP and the emerging flow-based approaches including the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) Model.
  • DDPP™ – Demand Driven Planner Professional
    is earned by an individual who can apply the demand driven concepts, analyze an environment and evaluate an environment using the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) methodology.
  • DDLP™ – Demand Driven Leader Professional
    demonstrates that an individual can apply the concepts of the Demand Driven Operating Model, analyze and evaluate an environment according to the principles of the Demand Driven Operating Model and the tactical components of Demand Driven S&OP.

After successful completion of each exam an electronic certificate will be issued by DDI and can be printed out.

The DDPP™ and DDLP™ tests are built on the more advanced stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy - Apply, Analyze and Evaluate. Both tests are open book tests – notes and references can be used. We recommend that you have a spreadsheet program ready – it may make some calculations/series of calculations easier to manage. A calculator feature is included in the testing mechanism.

The DDFP™ exam is a close book test.

For all 3 exams the test taker is given 180 minutes (3 hours) to answer 50 multiple choice questions selected from the item bank related to specific given scenarios and the categories below.

AEF™ Exam

The AEF™ Test has eight categories in four chaters. Each category has a number of subcategories that questions will be assigned to:

  1. Chapter 1: The New Normal in Industry
    PART 1 - The Company and its Variable Environment
    1.1 Marketing considerations
    1.2 Financial considerations
    1.3 Supply Chain considerations
    PART 2 - Concepts of Supply Chain Management
    2.1 Manufacturing Tactics
    2.2 Inventory management
    2.3 Information management
  2. Chapter 2: Traditional processes and tools
    PART 3 - Fundamental Processes of all Companies
    3.1 Static data management
    3.2 Total quality management & TPM applied to SC
    3.3 Systemic approaches
    PART 4 - Conventional IT Tools and Planning Systems
    4.1 MRP
    4.2 MRPII
    4.3 IT tools
  3. Chapter 3: Giants of Industrial Flow
    PART 5 - Modern Flow Based Systems
    5.1 A history of flow
    5.2 From Toyota Production System to Lean
    5.3 Theory of Constraints
    PART 6 - Demand Driven Flow
    6.1 Relevant Information
    6.2 Conventional Failure
    6.3 Direction of a solution DDMRP
  4. Chapter 4: From Linear to Adaptive
    PART 7 - Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise
    7.1 Systemic model for relevant information
    7.2 Bidirectional reconciliation with DDS&OP
    7.3 Metrics coherence
    PART 8 - Maturity Model to Become Adaptive
    8.1 Change Management
    8.2 Metrics Evolution
    8.3 Strategy Evolution

DDPP™ Exam

The DDPP™ Test has six categories. Each category has a number of subcategories that questions will be assigned to:

  1. DDMRP Positioning
    Positioning Factor
    Decoupled Lead Time
    Advanced Positioning
  2. Buffer Profiles and Levels
    Buffer Profile and Part Inputs
    Buffer Calculation
    Buffer Projections
  3. Dynamic Adjustments
    Recalculated Adjustments
    Planned Adjustments
    Other Adjustment
  4. Demand Driven Planning
    Net Flow Equation
    Decoupled Explosion
    Prioritized Share
  5. Demand Driven Execution
    Buffer Status Alerts
    Synchronization Alerts
  6. DDMRP Analytics
    Buffer Variance Analysis
    DDS&OP Projections

DDLP™ Exam

The DDLP™ Test has four categories. Each category has a number of subcategories that questions will be assigned to:

  1. Demand Driven MRP
    Decoupling Point Positioning
    Decoupling Point Protection
    Supply Order Generation
  2. Demand Driven Scheduling
    Control Point Placement
    Control Point Scheduling
  3. Demand Driven Execution
    Stock Buffers
    Time Buffers
    Capacity Buffers
  4. Demand Driven S&OP
    DDOM Analytics
    DDOM Projections
    Financial Analyses

There are no fixed exam dates for DDI Exams. You do NOT need to schedule a time and date. The exam is available upon demand. The testing center is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

DDI exams are administered by their testing partner PSI. Exams are delivered via internet-based testing and can be taken at home.

AEF™ 250 US$ plus VAT*
DDPP™ 250 US$ plus VAT*
DDLP™ 250 US$ plus VAT*

* Prices valid for 2020. Subject to change.

For exam preparation PMI offers public trainings supported by an official Trainer.

AEF™ , DDP™ and DDL™ modules and programs are offered several times a year. The current dates can be found in our calendar.

Inhouse courses
Are there several colleagues or employees in your company striving for an exam? If so, an inhouse training can be booked for your company. The advantages: in addition to more favorable conditions per participant, the trainer can integrate or focus on specific issues which are relevant for your company. Pleasecontact us for further information as well as an individual offer.

To register for an exam please follow the instructions in the following links: