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Factory Physics Exams and Certifications

The Factory Physics® framework provides a practical set of solutions for manufacturing and supply chain managers and executives. Its approach makes manufacturing and supply chain control easier and enables you to:

  • Determine the best strategic and tactical execution options for your company.
  • Implement optimal management of your inventory, capacity and response time buffers to get the best possible solution for your unique challenges.
  • Meet your marketing and financial goals given your existing IT, labor and capital resources.

Factory Physics® has three different certification levels:

  • Certified in Factory Physics® Fundamentals
  • Certified Factory Physicist®
  • Master Factory Physicist®

After successful completion of the exam you will receive both an electronic and paper certificate from Factory Physics®.

The Factory Physics® program is built on a step-by-step approach. This means that a candidate has to start at the Certified in Factory Physics® Fundamentals level. After achieving this level, a candidate can pursue a further certification to the level of Certified Factory Physicist®. A further certification to the level of Master Factory Physicist® is also possible if a candidate is interested in teaching the Factory Physics® principles and tools. It is not an obligation to proceed to the level of Master Factory Physicist®. After meeting the specific requirements for a level, the candidate will receive a separate certificate.

The exam for the Factory Physics® Fundamentals contains 10 to 15 questions on different parts of the course with different depth of knowledge which are mainly but not exclusively multiple choice. The test is open book as we do not see any value in memorized formulas and data. The test is more about your intuition and the capability to solve the problems asked for. The questions are from the following fields:

  • Basics of Push and Pull systems
  • Variation
  • WIP Inventory
  • Planning in Pull Systems

Questions on MRP and conventional ERP systems are excluded.

The exam for the Factory Physicist® contains additionally a case study in combination with a written report on an improvement project during which the Factory Physics® principles and tools have been successfully applied and implemented. Next to these requirements, application of the C-Suite software needs to be demonstrated.

Candidates have two (2) hours to complete the Factory Physics® Fundamentals and Factory Physicist® exams. At the end of these exams, candidates will receive a printed score report, within 3 days, with pass/fail information.

The certification of the Master Factory Physicist®will be based on the capability to teach, train and mentor the Factory Physics® principles and tools. As a requirement, therefore two Factory Physics® courses have to be taught and supervised by a Master Factory Physicist® in combination with mastering the C-Suite software.

There are no fixed exam dates for Factory Physics® Exams. Once you have purchased your exam credit, you can choose the test date based on the availability of the proctor and which is most suitable for you.

Factory Physics® exams are delivered via proctored computer-based online testing (CBT) at home.

  Testing Project Review Coaching
Certified in Factory Physics® Fundamentals 300 € plus VAT* - -
Certified Factory Physicist® 300 € plus VAT* 600 € plus VAT* -
Master Factory Physicist® - - Based on individual need

* Prices valid for 2020. Subject to change.

For exam preparation PMI offers public trainings supported by an official Trainer. Factory Physics® seminars are offered several times a year. The current dates can be found in our calendar.

Inhouse courses
Are there several colleagues or employees in your company striving for an exam? If so, an inhouse training can be booked for your company. The advantages: in addition to more favorable conditions per participant, the trainer can integrate or focus on specific issues which are relevant for your company. Pleasecontact us for further information as well as an individual offer.

PMI offers the Certified in Factory Physics® Fundamentals exam. Please register using our registration form:

There are 2 options to register and make payment the exam:

  1. Purchase of an exam  in combination with a seminar
    An exam can be purchased from PMI in combination with a Factory Physics® Fundamentals seminar. After the end of the seminar we will arrange an exam date with the participants.
  2. Purchase of an exam (exam credit) and direct registration for the exam
    In this case PMI will issue an invoice. After payment we will arrange an exam date with you.

A scheduled exam can be rescheduled or cancelled. Reschedule requests received less than 24 hours before the scheduled exam appointment will not be accepted. If the candidate does not test, the candidate forfeits the exam fees.