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Training Needs Analysis

PMI supports your supply chain training initiative by checking existing roles and required competencies. After this initial review, we subsequently focus on assessing the current supply chain competence of your employees. As a result of this review, the employee specific trainings needs are identified and form the base for planning appropriate trainings.

As competence is much more then theoretical know-how, PMI has developed a supply chain competence assessment which analyzes the knowledge and application capability of your employees to drive and support a highly professional supply chain. Checking awareness of modern supply chain principles as well as the proper application of this knowledge in typical scenarios, PMI supports you in identifying your true, role and employee specific training needs. Companies that are already conducting supply chain training, value the competence assessment as a lever to identify additional training needs or to calibrate their training offer to the organizational needs.

Whether you are hiring new supply chain staff or investing in the professional education of your people, our supply chain competence assessment is the right support for human resources and functions to work with PMI on an efficient and effective employee qualification concept and training plan.