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Thomas Meyer


Please tell us in which company and position you started your APICS certification(s)? What was your motivation to complete the certification(s)?
"As part of the increased internationalization and networking of our group of companies, Sonae Arauco, there was, in 2013, a need to focus more intensively on the formation of stable supply chains. With APICS, I got the chance to gain a solid and globally recognized foundation in the supply chain and above all to establish it in an international environment. My Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certifications in 2014 and Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) in 2017 made it easier for me as the SCM manager to understand the processes and initiate change management in the organization."

How did your certification(s) help you to achieve the position you are currently in?
"The CSCP and CLTD certifications made a significant contribution to my personal and professional development. In particular, the combination of a structured and systematic approach, as offered by APICS, was very important for the practical implementation. The increasingly complex processes in the world of supply chain management can only be mastered in terms of implementation if they are fundamentally understood. As a manager, I create the conditions for team-oriented and goal-oriented action."

Please give us a concrete example, where you have applied the APICS knowledge in your career.
"APICS and especially the certifications for CSCP / CLTD offer not only very broad and extensive training content but also specific and detailed application examples. My professional focus is the design, the design and the sustainable implementation of end-to-end solutions. On the one hand, it depends on a global understanding of supply chain management. On the other hand, solutions must be found for operations, basic requirements such as the setting of planning parameters for recovery times, re-orderpoint calculations or the impact of safety stock. Of course, cooperation with further education partners such as de DDI, which makes it possible to develop detailed knowledge and focus points in a team, also helps."