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The International Independent Board for Lean Certification (IIBLC®) was founded in 2008 and wanted to answer the request for a standard, in the form of a certificate that encompasses all the aspects of Lean that is objective and neutral in the way it tests the knowledge and skills and that has an international recognition. In the second semester of 2009 the certification program was started.

The Lean Certification program of IIBLC has a unique high quality level through the involvement of a content committee consisting of internationally recognized experts in the field of Lean, who establish, guard, adapt and actualize the content exclusively for this program, which is

  • universal: it addresses all aspects of Lean: manufacturing, services, healthcare, engineering, etc.
  • standard: A book of knowledge is available and the program consists of 3 well-defined levels. The program has a certification system based on objective criteria (tests) that offers a reference both to the business world (companies) and to the holder. The certificate proves the holder has a certain level of knowledge and skill in accordance with the obtained level.

The certification consists of 3 levels:

  • Certified Green Belt in Lean (CGBL®)
    The Green Belt in Lean level focuses on the fundamentals of the Lean strategy. The curriculum of Green Belt consists not only of the Lean Principles but also: Defining Value, Identifying the Value Stream, Creating Flow, Pull from Customer Demand, Aiming at Perfection and Improvement Management. The topics Project Management, Complementary Techniques, Change & Sustainability are also included here. The “Certified Green Belt in Lean (CGBL®)” helps you to
    – learn the fundamentals of Lean strategy,
    – prepare you to join the company’s improvement team,
    – improve processes within your company.
  • Certified Black Belt in Lean (CBBL®)
    The Black Belt takes an in-depth look into Lean Tools, strategies and social competence.
  • Certified Champion in Lean (CChL®)
    The Champion in Lean confronts strategic challenges and manages changes and improvements within the framework of Lean Management.

The certifications Certified Black Belt in Lean (CBBL®) and Certified Champion in Lean (CChL®) prepare the participants for managing a Lean Improvement project.

What are the benefits of Lean Certification?

  • You confirm your own Lean Management knowledge
  • You increase your appeal for potential employers and
  • it is not bound to any particular enterprise or industry.

PMI is the recognized partner for Germany and Austria. We organize the IIBLC® theoretical exams (CGBL®) and coordinate the exam registration process for candidates who want to take their exams in these countries. PMI offers for participants the exam location in Munich (Germany).