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The Fresh Connection (TFC)

Supply Chain Management is about understanding and managing the interactions and inter-dependencies and the often conflicting pressures and imperatives of the various functions and entities inside and outside the organization. It is about breaking down functional silos within the organization and breaking down the barriers between different entities in the Supply Chain. It is about cross-functional alignment within the organization and throughout the entire Value Chain. In order to manage all the tradeoffs which come forward given the often conflicting objectives, there must be a clear and shared strategy to give direction to the relevant decisions which need to be taken. And a structured process needs to be in place to translate the strategy into the right tactical decisions.

The Fresh Connection provides participants an excellent Value Chain Learning Experience about the importance and necessity of cross-functional collaboration and alignment within the organization and throughout the Supply Chain. It also provides in-depth insights into the importance of Supply Chain Management on the company’s performance and financial results.

Participants will play the Supply Chain Business Simulation The Fresh Connection in teams of four participants. They will take place in the newly appointed management team of the fruit producing company The Fresh Connection. Within the management team, each participant will take up a functional role as

  • Vice President Purchasing
  • Vice President Operations
  • Vice President Supply Chain
  • Vice President Sales

In order to save the company from financial ruin, the participants will need to work together to get The Fresh Connection back on track by making tactical and strategic Supply Chain decisions. The Supply Chain Simulation of The Fresh Connection will show the effects of the decisions taken by the team on the Supply Chain Performance and on the company’s Return on Investment (ROI). The aim is to achieve the highest possible Return on Investment for The Fresh Connection.

Participants of The Fresh Connection will

  • experience the importance and necessity of cross-functional collaboration.
  • get a deeper insight into the connection and interdependencies between functional areas inside the organization and throughout the Supply Chain.
  • learn to formulate a shared strategy and to put this shared strategy into action by following a structured process (Sales and Operations Planning).
  • learn to recognize and manage the tradeoffs which are connected to the often conflicting objectives for various functional areas.
  • experience that Supply Chain Management is all about cross-functional collaboration and alignment within and outside the organization.
  • learn how to manage Risk in the Supply Chain and deal with internal and external challenges.
  • note that proper management of the supply chain processes has a major impact on the company’s performance and profitability.
  • learn to analyze and evaluate the appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) out of a big set of data.
  • learn the soft skills and communication required to work together as a team.

The Fresh Connection is offered in different formats for various levels within the organization. Depending on the objectives of the session, the formats are focused on the

  • Executive Management level (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Vice President)
  • Senior Management level (Business Leader, Senior Director, Business Unit Manager, Site / Plant Manager)
  • Middle Management level (Planning Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Order Team Manager, Purchasing Manager, Operations Manager, Materials Management Manager, Sales Manager, Product Manager)
  • Operational Level (Procurement Agent, Buyer, Planner, Scheduler, Supply Chain Analyst, Customer Service Agent / Representative, Sales Agent, Order Desk Agent).

Next to addressing various levels within the organization, The Fresh Connection is designed for educating and training various functional areas within the organization. The Fresh Connection is used for individuals who are working in

  • Supply Chain functions (Material / Product Planner, Material Manager, Supply Planner, Supply Chain / Operations consultant, Supply Chain Analyst, Inventory Planner / Analyst, Demand Planner / Analyst, Supply Chain Manager)
  • Supply Chain related functions (Purchasing / Procurement Manager / Agent, Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Warehouse Manager, Transport Planner, ERP Consultant, Customer Service Agent / Manager, in general all positions related to Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Production and Purchasing ).

There is no certification attached to participating in The Fresh Connection, but all participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

The Fresh Connection can be offered in different formats ranging from a 1.5 hour awareness session, the 1 day education Young Professionals Day, a stand-alone 2 day workshop, integrated with PMI’s Supply Chain training and Certification Programs spanning 3 to 6 days to the Global Challenge with teams from all over the globe competing against each other during a number of weeks or even months

At the start of a session, there will be an introduction into The Fresh Connection by a certified TFC Trainer. Depending on the training format, one or more rounds will be played. Before a round, a specific theme, objective or learning outcome relevant for the specific round will be introduced. After a round, there will be a debriefing done by the certified TFC trainer about the decisions, outcomes and learnings.

English and German


  • Stefan Hoogervorst
  • Andreas Kerst
  • Christian Voyé