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What are the benefits of an inhouse course? Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • the course content is based on the specific needs of your company
  • no travelling is required for participants
  • the break-even-point is 8 people

Depending on your needs and exspectations we support you before, during and after the training.

It is important for us to offer individual solutions. Apart from theory and continuous improvement projects the simulation game "The Fresh Connection" plays an important role in our seminars and education program.

We look forward to speaking with you-please do not hesitate to contact us!


Consultative Education

In order to achieve the best return-on-investment we offer the concept Consultative Education. By this the Inhouse training activities can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Our concept consists of 3 implementation phases:

  1. Identification of your company's supply chain education goals: We will analyze the current educational requirements in the area of supply chain management. The purpose of this is to identify the potential areas of improvement and a gap analysis will provide an insight into your employees´ technical skill set. Then we will suggest training activities.
  2. Conduct the knowledge transfer: The knowledge transfer will be conducted by E-learning, instructor led seminars, simulation games and a knowledge test (offical certification exam or customized test).
  3. Follow up on knowledge application: Working in cooperation with the study group, defined goals of the first phase are realized in continuous improvement projects. This method ensures the best knowledge transfer and application.

Completing these three phases guarantees the best Return-on-Investment of the supply chain education.

Supply Chain Management Academy

Selecting the most suitable education in the Supply Chain field is not an easy task. We support, advise and help our clients to make the correct choice in education and qualification projects. Our main focus areas cover Management competence, Manager/Specialist planning and Executive development.

Using our experience from previous Supply Chain Academies, we work together with our clients to establish and outline an appropriate management competence and education requirement analysis which is then carried out before starting.

We are then able to concentrate on the specific educational requirements needed to advance your core competence.

Our clients place great value on a standardized Supply Chain education and Certification. Together with the client, we establish a Competence-Matrix that ensures their branches can work worldwide with the same standards.

Based on this, discussions and analyses, education requirements at every level of the Supply Chain can be optimally defined.

It is important for us that each level of the Supply Chain is studied, only then is it possible to devise a complete concept that encompasses all levels and education requirements. We use the following procedure:


Our success with many clients has already proved that the appropriate education requirements have been successfully implemented and carried out. These requirements are based on the APICS training for a Supply Chain Academy.