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Here you will find the detailed content of the Supply Chain Finance seminar


Course Language: English

Training schedule

2 days

1. day: 8.30 - 17.30
2. day: 8.30 - 17.30

Dates, venues & Location

The 2 day workshop will take place:

9-10 March 2016,  Munich

8-9 December 2016,

Please bring your laptop to the training!

Seminar Fee

€ 1.400,- plus VAT

included: training material, catering and refreshments.


seminar overview


Questions about seminar organization?

Christine Matzner

Questions about seminar content?

Ines Ottensarndt

Tel. +49 (0) 89 857 6146

Supply Chain Finance

The role of finance in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an instrumental component of a firm’s success. SCM professionals need to comprehend the influence of finance in nearly every decision. SCM professionals are deeply integrated in the areas planning, execution, and control of a firm’s activities but they also have an extreme influence on the firm’s financial position. Consider that in today’s world, SCM professionals are confronted with managing a firm's liquidity either directly or indirectly more than any other function within the organization. Global and fast changing markets have created the necessity to understand the areas of cost, quality, dependability and flexibility in the context of the value chain. Now SCM professionals need to add Finance to that list as well. This course provides SCM professionals with the right knowledge and applicable tools to integrate financial theory into their decision-making processes. More importantly this course puts that knowledge to the test through an experiential learning environment to solidify “theory into practice” by immersing the participant in an interactive web based virtual environment.


  • To support non-finance educated professionals to understand the crucial theoretical components of Finance that are relevant to Supply Chain Management. What do you need to understand in order to be more effective?
  • To engage supply chain professionals to understand the areas or touch points within strategic or operational activities, where they need to apply financial based decisions. Where do you need to apply that knowledge?
  • To explain the role of liquidity management in relation to Supply Chain Management. What do you need to know in order to build an optimized liquidity chain?  
  • To help SCM professionals understand “Finance” in a context that goes beyond the internal four walls of the firm. What roles do markets, competitors, customers, and suppliers play in terms of Financial Supply Chain Management?
  • To enlighten SCM professionals of the new industry trends and financial models being introduced today, which will heavily influence the Supply Chain of most organizations. What do you need to know in order to analyze these new trends to determine if they are applicable and what influence they will have for your own organization?

Target Group

All SCM professionals that are looking for a way to expand their knowledge in the area of Finance. This course assumes that participants have little or no working knowledge of financial theory but have a moderate understanding of supply chain management theory and techniques.


This course uses an experiential model where participants are slowly submersed into financial theory through a series of lectures and hands on activities culminating in the integration of the web based virtual supply chain experience, the “Cool Connection”. Participants will be directly responsible in this virtual supply chain experience for balancing the constraints and manage the interdependencies of the physical and financial supply chain.


The course is constructed in a 2-day workshop format with a balance of theory and practical application. Language: English


Serban Stoica


 Movie "The Cool Connection"