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Here you will find the detailed content of the Factory Physics seminar.

Seminar Content

Course Language: English

Training schedule

2 days

1. day: 8.30 - 17.30
2. day: 8.30 - 17.30

An event is planned on the first evening.

Dates, venues & Location

The 2 day seminar will take place:

April 23-24, 2018:  Munich
PMI Production Management Institute GmbH

June 18-19, 2018:  Munich
PMI Production Management Institute GmbH

October 1-2, 2018:  Munich
PMI Production Management Institute GmbH

November 5-6, 2018:  Munich
PMI Production Management Institute GmbH

Seminar Fee

€ 1.295,- plus VAT

included: training material, catering and refreshments.


seminar overview


Questions about seminar organization?

Christine Matzner

Questions about seminar content?

Ines Ottensarndt

Tel. +49 (0) 89 857 6146

Factory Physics

What is a perfect world for managers?

In this world all demand is met on-time at minimal cost. There are always zero raw materials and zero finished goods inventory. Machines never break down, people always show up on time, and there are never any quality defects – maximum utilization with perfect quality. This provides maximum cash flow and profit with perfect customer service. Sound good?
It would be a nice world to manage but unfortunately we live in the real world and wishing for or working toward achieving a perfect world is an exercise in frustration. There is one word that prevents managers from attaining the perfect world: variability!

Factory Physics can help managers understand and apply practical operations science to make the best of their world with all its variability in product mix, demand, people, and processes. However, compared with Lean or Six Sigma, Factory Physics is different because it defines the operations science anyone can use right now to establish better control and improve performance. Nevertheless, it enables companies to focus and accelerate existing Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma efforts without eliminating those resources! The Factory Physics approach makes manufacturing and supply chain control easier.

Those who have embraced the science say it is perfect, no more confusion about what's possible or about how to best improve performance.


To apply the practical science to your company, there are as many different combinations of efforts as there are companies, but the Factory Physics approach enables your company to adapt the appropriate elements to solve your unique challenges.

  • Improve on time delivery and cash flow, optimize inventory and lower costs
  • Resolve conflicts and fill in the gaps between Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and other frameworks. Focus YOUR company's productivity initiatives to achieve your company's business goals.
  • Factory Physics® principles and tools work using practical science, not slogans, so you can make more money faster
  • Understand and resolve conflicting objectives, e.g. less inventory vs. higher customer service or higher utilization vs. shorter cycle times
  • Demonstrate examples of the application of Factory Physics® principles in practice
  • Use your own data to do a first-pass examination of your own processes

Target Group

Factory Physics is ideal for those professionals and organizations that want to implement and practice high-level manufacturing and supply chain operations. This program is an excellent place for professionals such as Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations Executives, Planning and Production Control Managers and anyone trying to improve performance of their company's operation.


You will learn more about

  • Financial Measures
  • Basic Factory Dynamics
  • Variability Basics
  • Corrupting Influence of Variability
  • Calculating Capacity and Utilization
  • Understanding Cycle Time
  • Optimizing and Managing Inventory
  • Factory Physics Sales and Operations Planning
  • Hands-on exercises and computer simulation illustrations

The course is constructed in a 2 day workshop format. Language: English.


Christian Voyé