The registration form can be downloaded here.

Cancellation policy and registration details and deadlines are listed in the registration form.

Exam Registration

Each calendar year, there will be several dates for the theoretical exams. Please find in below a table with the exam dates and the levels you can take on that date:

 Exam Dates 2018

March 17xx
June 16xxx
Sept 15xx
Dec 15xxx

The prices for the IIBLC® exams are:

  • CGBL® - Green Belt in Lean: 350 euro (+ VAT)
  • CBBL® - Black Belt in Lean: 400 euro (+ VAT)
  • CChL® - Champion in Lean: 450 euro (+ VAT)

Please make sure you register yourself before the registration deadline, which is mentioned in the table above. When you register for the Green Belt in Lean exam, please check carefully your name and birth date. Based on this information your unique IIBLC® ID number will be created. If you already have an IIBLC® ID number, please mention it into all future registrations to ensure that all your exam results will be linked to this unique number!

All forms received before the deadline will be automatically processed. After this deadline it is not possible anymore to register for that specific exam date.

By registering, you agree to pay the invoice for the registration immediately on receipt. No registration is considered complete before full payment of the fee. PMI Production Management Institute cannot be held responsible for cancellation charges resulting from incorrect registrations.

When you registered on time and paid in full your exam, PMI Production Management Institute provides you with a confirmation notice two weeks before the scheduled exam date. You cannot take your IIBLC® exam without this official confirmation. Each confirmation lists the candidate's name, address, and IIBLC® ID number, a route description, exam to be taken and the exam schedule. If you have not received your confirmation within one week before the scheduled exam date, please contact us immediately.

If you are already registered for one of the exams but you aren't able to take it, you can cancel your exam. Please contact us!