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The Demand Driven Institute (DDI)  was founded by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith, co-authors of Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, Third Revised Edition in order to proliferate and further develop demand driven strategy and tactics in industry.

Traditional material planning and control system (ERP/MRP and distribution requirements planning systems) are systems in which detailed forecasts are used to procure needed materials and push manufacturing orders through the production and distribution system to the point of consumption.  This system is typically called “Push and Promote”.  These legacy rules and systems are causing enormous amounts of friction and compromises within and between manufacturers in today’s more complex and volatile supply chains.

DDI has developed a new and innovative demand driven (Demand Driven Material requirements Planning DDMRP) approach that takes the relevant and meaningful attributes of tools like MRP and kanbans and combines innovative planning and execution techniques to satisfy both traditional planning personnel and Lean advocates.Instead of "Push and Promote" this approach is "Position and Pull".

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