Supply Chain Finance

The role of finance is an integral function of Supply Chain Management (SCM). SCM professionals are confronted with financial decisions and often are ill equipped with the right knowledge in finance to determine the best outcome. Their decisions taken in the areas of planning and execution have a significant impact to the firm’s financial performance.

SCM professionals have the ability to alter a firm's liquidity position either directly or indirectly on a daily basis.
Consider the following sample of topics many SCM professional are confronted with are

• How can we best optimize our inventory levels to improve the firm’s cash position and yet meet market demands?
• How do we optimize a spare parts network to enhance liquidity?
• How can we utilize a logistics provider to improve the firm’s liquidity performance?
• How should we integrate contribution margins in our order fulfillment process?
• How can we better segment our Supply Chain network based on revenue streams?
• Should we move beyond consignment and engage in Supplier Financing?
• What are the impacts of tariffs to our distribution strategy?
• Can a financial institution really improve our cash to cash cycle of our supply chain, if so how?

Experience the link between your Physical and Financial Supply Chain whith the virtual experimental game "The Cool Connection"!

The Cool Connection is a manufacturing company of personal care products. However, the company is in bad shape, it’s making a loss, has a high debt level and a broken supply chain. A new management team needs to help in the crisis.
Teams of four – representing the roles Sales, Finance, Purchasing and Supply Chain – need to work together and take the right strategic and tactical decisions.

The Cool Connection will be used in the Course "Supply Chain Finance" and thus give you the opportunity to systematically and interactively experience important dependencies within the Supply Chain.

 Film "The Cool Connection"